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Once Jennifer Hernandez graduates from Columbia College Chicago, her plans are to become a well-respected news or entertainment anchor, reporter or host. In Chicago she has interned for Univision News Station as well as Univision radio.

‘Jane The Virgin’ shows diversity change in the media

'Jane The Virgin' advertisement throughout the city of Los Angeles

The television industry has never been all that diverse, but recently networks and cable shows have begun to embrace various races and cultural identities. “Jane The Virgin” is a show that is opening the door for minorities within the acting community. The series is one of a new group of shows that gives its audience a distinctive visual perspective from ... Read More »

Educational outreach at Grammy Museum

Grammy statue in the middle of the third floor at the Grammy Museum.

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles isn’t just a place for music fans to see artists’ artifacts, but an educational center with resources made available to students to learn and expand within the music industry. Through its four floors of exhibit space, many Grammy awards can be found, including the multiple musical instruments and personal items from musicians, singers and ... Read More »

Review: ‘Ouija’ board game gone wrong

Courtesy of Facebook

Doors creak and slam shut. Lights flash on and off. Ghosts appear. Scary effects abound in director Stiles White “Ouija,” Universal Studios film which should of been more frightening than a graveyard at midnight but it wasn’t even close. Though “‘Ouija”’ pronounced (wee-jee), provides twists and mind-boggling scenarios, it’s really nothing we haven’t seen in other films such as “Paranormal ... Read More »

Millennial Media Habits

“Catching the Eye of Generation Y" Panel at the Paley Center for Media

Thursday night’s “Catching the Eye of Generation Y” event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills discussed Millennial media habits. Some of the media habits examined in the panel discussion, by heads of major content companies, definitely related back to my own. Senior VP of Client Insights at Nielsen, Dounia Turrill, brought up the fact that viewing behaviors ... Read More »

Amazing lineup for Hollywood Bowl’s ‘We Can Survive’ benefit concert

The Hollywood Bowl during "We Can Survive" concert.

The energy was definitely contagious inside the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Thousands of fans came in support of the second annual “We Can Survive” concert. This years line up had amazing performances by Sia, Paramore, Iggy Azalea, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, and last but not least Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani. The one night only concert ... Read More »

The Janoskians turn up the pranks


Australian pranksters The Janoskians perform in Riverside and Los Angeles Before The Janoskians became famous, the comedy group was just a bunch of guys pulling pranks on camera and uploading them to YouTube. While The Janoskians became an online sensation with homemade viral videos, the group has now entered the music world (think Johnny Knoxville meets One Direction) and will ... Read More »

Q and A with BB Gun Press Publicist Brian Bumbery


  In a recent visit to Raleigh studios, publicist Brian Bumbery spoke with students about starting his own agency, BB Gun Press, and about what it takes to make it in the music business. Bumbery started out working at music business trade magazine in the early years of his career, before joining a record label as someone’s assistant. He “grew up ... Read More »

Sign language’s rhythmic beats

Amber Galloway-Gallegos has gained millions of fans due to her phenomenal sign language interpretations during concerts and music festivals. (NMPTalent.com)

The beats of music come alive as they are understood within interpretation for those who cannot hear. Many people have struggled to connect with the beats and rhythmic tones of music for all their lives until Amber Galloway-Gallego came into the picture. Gallego has been a certified American Sign Language interpreter for over 15 years. “I’ve been doing this for so long,” she ... Read More »