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Broadcast major Lea Elgin has interned at the Game Show Network, the Big Ten Network, and Red Bull North America. She expects her career path to take her either in front of the camera as an entertainment reporter or behind the scenes as a producer.

A look at celebrity canines working in Hollywood

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    Gary Goldstein knows what the audience wants to see and it’s not necessarily an action-packed sci-fi film with actors who only have two legs. “People want to see a husband, wife, two kids and a dog,” the award-winning screen writer said in a recent interview at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Goldsteins’s most recent film “My Boyfriends’ Dogs” featured ... Read More »

Review: Taylor Swifts new album ’1989′

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If you loved Taylor Swift’s first album you may not like her most recent album “1989.” Seeing that T Swift started as a country singer and won multiple Grammys, it is safe to say that she will not be categorized as country any longer. Granted there is no dubstep involved, like her previous album that was still labeled country, but ... Read More »

Electronic promoter, DJ Gary Richards talks Hard Day of the Dead

Hard Founder, Gary Richards

After seeing the electronic music trend change “800 million times,” Gary Richards, DJ and organizer of the Hard electronic music events, says he learned a lot when it comes to throwing concerts and creating music. “I think people get into electronic music and really have no idea how or why,” Richards said in a recent telephone interview. “Their friends are ... Read More »

Ethnic diversity within ‘American Horror Story: Coven’

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There has been a lot of conversation and debate about the lack diversity, specifically African-American, in mainstream television. “American Horror Story: Coven” switched things up last season when it comes to race and diversity and looked into a script that is Voodoo inspired and took viewers back to slavery in Louisiana the 1800s. However, TV and Entertainment reporter for the ... Read More »

Comparing Kim Kardashian to Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Walk of Fame star

This year Kim Kardashian has sparked some controversy and believe it or not, it’s a little more compelling than her breasts showing through her shirt. Almost half a dozen media influencers have made statements saying that Kim is “our generations Marilyn Monroe.” The list is pretty remarkable seeing that it includes fashion designer Givenchy, creative director Riccardo Tisci, fashion editor Carine ... Read More »