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Izzy Gut is a Magazine Journalism major and writer born and raised in the Chicago area who aspires to work in a field that includes creative direction and photography in addition to writing.

Nick Swardson’s next adventure stops at Pechanga

Courtesy of Nick Swardson.

Nick Swardson isn’t one to back down. “Whatever I do, I just extremely commit,” the comedian said in a recent telephone interview. “I’m game for anything. There’s no time to be afraid.” Whether Swardson is portraying an obsessive fan with stalker tendencies in “Blades of Glory,” a scantily clad roller-skating cop in “Reno 911!” or an agoraphobic with a bleached ... Read More »

The future of music is now: modern artists’ progressive moves

Music isn’t just about releasing a CD on a Tuesday anymore. Modern artists have challenged the way that music was meant to be both created and consumed thanks to a slew of technological advancements. Performers such as Lady Gaga, Kanye West and more recently Taylor Swift have taken charge of how they want to distribute their work. Whether it’s the promotional ... Read More »

‘Heartstrings’ video is Leighton Meester’s musical rebirth

Still from Meester's "Heartstrings" music video.

It’s been a whirlwind week for Leighton Meester. On the heels of her recent LP “Heartstrings” released on Monday, the former “Gossip Girl” actress was also revealed to be the November cover star of NYLON Magazine. She celebrated the album release with a sold out concert at the Troubadour on Tuesday night in Los Angeles. Then earlier today, she debuted the music ... Read More »

Beyoncé teams with Topshop for world domination, everyone rejoices

Photo courtesy of the Beyoncé Tumblr/Rob Hoffman.

Famed journalist Anderson Cooper once said, “It is Beyoncé‘s world, and we are just living in it.” As time has passed, this statement has only proven itself to be more true. Without warning, Beyoncé dropped a self-titled album with accompanying music videos on iTunes last December, which has been coined as groundbreaking by music professionals and fans alike. Then she paired ... Read More »

Paley Center for Media: TV’s not dead

Richman, Daniels, Ascheim, and Wallenstein in conversation. Photo by Izzy Gut.

Talk that TV viewing has been on a steady decline has been swirling around since the introduction of the smartphone and tablet. Thursday night’s “Catching the Eye of Generation Y” event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills put that gossip to rest. Mediated by Co-Editor-in-Chief of Variety, Andrew Wallenstein, the night provided an in-depth analysis about the future of ... Read More »

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ shatters stereotypes

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" cast. Photo courtesy of the B99 Facebook page.

Diverse representation in media has become a hot topic in the last handful of years, bringing to light the importance of portraying the different people in the world on-screen. FOX’s hit show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” focuses on the 99th police district in New York and the quirky individuals who attempt to serve and protect the city. Compared to other shows, “B99” ... Read More »

Talking press with publicist Brian Bumbery

Ali and Bumberry. Photo by Izzy Gut.

The rumor that Hollywood is full of cutthroat people has some truth to it, but publicist Brian Bumbery doesn’t fit that bill. His charisma and positivity immediately floods any room he walks into, though it’s not an invitation to take advantage of him. After spending time over the years at various other companies in the industry, Bumbery created his own PR agency ... Read More »

Selena Gomez slams critics’ harsh judgement

Photo courtesy of Selena Gomez's Facebook.

Adults just don’t understand. Former Disney star Selena Gomez expressed her disbelief about getting bashed by grown-ups for having fun and enjoying herself . The 22 year-old singer and actress told E! that she doesn’t understand the hate, and poses the question, “What were you doing at 18?… At 21? Because I can guarantee you it’s not half of what I’ve done.” Constant ... Read More »