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The ‘Scandal’-ous progression of primetime television

"Scandal"  promotional photo courtesy of Facebook.

Just two years ago a new drama graced the small screen with a compelling African American woman in a white coat as its lead. Olivia Pope, after a single ‘it’s handled,’ turned “Scandal” into a television phenomenon that’s still going strong today. Not only is the show a phenomenal success, but its show creator and power-producer, Shonda Rhimes, has also ... Read More »

‘Jane The Virgin’ shows diversity change in the media

'Jane The Virgin' advertisement throughout the city of Los Angeles

The television industry has never been all that diverse, but recently networks and cable shows have begun to embrace various races and cultural identities. “Jane The Virgin” is a show that is opening the door for minorities within the acting community. The series is one of a new group of shows that gives its audience a distinctive visual perspective from ... Read More »

Millennial Media Habits

“Catching the Eye of Generation Y" Panel at the Paley Center for Media

Thursday night’s “Catching the Eye of Generation Y” event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills discussed Millennial media habits. Some of the media habits examined in the panel discussion, by heads of major content companies, definitely related back to my own. Senior VP of Client Insights at Nielsen, Dounia Turrill, brought up the fact that viewing behaviors ... Read More »

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ shatters stereotypes

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" cast. Photo courtesy of the B99 Facebook page.

Diverse representation in media has become a hot topic in the last handful of years, bringing to light the importance of portraying the different people in the world on-screen. FOX’s hit show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” focuses on the 99th police district in New York and the quirky individuals who attempt to serve and protect the city. Compared to other shows, “B99” ... Read More »

Ethnic diversity within ‘American Horror Story: Coven’

Photo courtesy of Facebook

There has been a lot of conversation and debate about the lack diversity, specifically African-American, in mainstream television. “American Horror Story: Coven” switched things up last season when it comes to race and diversity and looked into a script that is Voodoo inspired and took viewers back to slavery in Louisiana the 1800s. However, TV and Entertainment reporter for the ... Read More »

How “The Cosby Show” recoded race

(left to right) SiLA-JO instructor and TV development expert  Ron Taylor with Dr. Darnell Hunt at the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA

How “The Cosby Show” recoded race Have you ever wondered why “The Cosby Show” was such a success and appealed to a wide audience? The show was “racially safe for everybody,” said Ron Taylor, a Semester in LA instructor with an extensive background in television development. Taylor’s last position was vice president of diverse programming at Fox Broadcasting Co. On ... Read More »

Sign language’s rhythmic beats

Amber Galloway-Gallegos has gained millions of fans due to her phenomenal sign language interpretations during concerts and music festivals. (NMPTalent.com)

The beats of music come alive as they are understood within interpretation for those who cannot hear. Many people have struggled to connect with the beats and rhythmic tones of music for all their lives until Amber Galloway-Gallego came into the picture. Gallego has been a certified American Sign Language interpreter for over 15 years. “I’ve been doing this for so long,” she ... Read More »

Calling all 30-something female actresses: Hollywood needs you

Topics in this class have included Alternative Press, Women and the Media, Black Journalism in America, and Covering Religion. (Courtesy Semester in LA Facebook)

Thirty-five-year-old “Gone Girl” actress Rosamund Pike made a big comeback as the female star in this box office hit film. With Hollywood’s obsession with youth this is not an easy task for a 30-something woman in the industry. Twenty-somethings, sometimes even teens, are often the more desirable choice for female characters in movies. In an interview with The Guardian, 48-year-old ... Read More »