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Comparing Kim Kardashian to Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Walk of Fame star

This year Kim Kardashian has sparked some controversy and believe it or not, it’s a little more compelling than her breasts showing through her shirt. Almost half a dozen media influencers have made statements saying that Kim is “our generations Marilyn Monroe.” The list is pretty remarkable seeing that it includes fashion designer Givenchy, creative director Riccardo Tisci, fashion editor Carine ... Read More »

Behind the curtain of Paramount Pictures

SiLA-JO students Jessica Wenck and Kacy Hintz at Paramount Pictures studios. (photo by Sydney Lawson)

On Monday afternoon, the Semester in L.A. gang visited Paramount Pictures studios, which is not far from their home base at Raleigh Studios. No offense, Raleigh, but Paramount kicks your butt. After passing through the cream colored archways of the entrance to the studios, it felt like being transported to a different city or secret society. The grounds were pristine ... Read More »

Total access in ‘Access Hollywood Live’

Behind the scenes of Access Hollywood. (Jennifer Hernandez)

It’s not everyday a person gets the chance to go behind-the-scenes of NBC’S “Access Hollywood Live.” Clearly, October 13th must have been my lucky day because I, along with six other classmates from Columbia College, was invited to visit the show’s studio in Burbank.   The tour began at 7:30 a.m., which meant my morning really started at 4:30 a.m. ... Read More »

‘Access Hollywood Live’ gets a visit from Ian Somerhalder

Photo of Ian Somerhalder courtesy of Facebook

A chilly morning in Los Angeles turned quite warm and welcoming when myself and the six other journalism students from Columbia College Chicago showed up to the bright and glamorous set of “Access Hollywood Live.” No, we were not special guests (I wish!) just there for a tour of the studio and to meet the great wonderful ‘Oz’ behind the curtain. Ian ... Read More »

Touring through Hollywood’s past

Semester in LA students learn about the historical past of Hollywood

I never knew learning and getting the inside scoop of how Hollywood began would feel so good. From its beginning to where it is now, tour guide Philip Mershon gave a vivid description on how all of Hollywood started. You would think lights and cameras were always popular since day one but that was not always the case. Mershon said ... Read More »

The mystery of Sunset Boulevard

A look out over Los Angeles from Runyon Canyon

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you are new to the City of Angels– what better way to delve right into the city than to take the Felix in Hollywood tour? The tour’s master mind Philip Mershon will guide you a half mile up and down just a small portion of Los Angeles’ famous Sunset Boulevard. If you are a movie buff ... Read More »

Out and about in LA

Walking down Sunset Boulevard, you may not know all the enriched history that makes up the busy LA street. Philip Mershon, the one man band of Felix in Hollywood Tour, tells a compelling tale of what used to make up Hollywood when the infamous town first came to be. Most probably don’t know that the city filled with stars almost held the ... Read More »