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Guest Speakers and Field Trips

Talking press with publicist Brian Bumbery

Ali and Bumberry. Photo by Izzy Gut.

The rumor that Hollywood is full of cutthroat people has some truth to it, but publicist Brian Bumbery doesn’t fit that bill. His charisma and positivity immediately floods any room he walks into, though it’s not an invitation to take advantage of him. After spending time over the years at various other companies in the industry, Bumbery created his own PR agency ... Read More »

Q and A with BB Gun Press Publicist Brian Bumbery


  In a recent visit to Raleigh studios, publicist Brian Bumbery spoke with students about starting his own agency, BB Gun Press, and about what it takes to make it in the music business. Bumbery started out working at music business trade magazine in the early years of his career, before joining a record label as someone’s assistant. He “grew up ... Read More »

Behind the curtain of Paramount Pictures

SiLA-JO students Jessica Wenck and Kacy Hintz at Paramount Pictures studios. (photo by Sydney Lawson)

On Monday afternoon, the Semester in L.A. gang visited Paramount Pictures studios, which is not far from their home base at Raleigh Studios. No offense, Raleigh, but Paramount kicks your butt. After passing through the cream colored archways of the entrance to the studios, it felt like being transported to a different city or secret society. The grounds were pristine ... Read More »

Total access in ‘Access Hollywood Live’

Behind the scenes of Access Hollywood. (Jennifer Hernandez)

It’s not everyday a person gets the chance to go behind-the-scenes of NBC’S “Access Hollywood Live.” Clearly, October 13th must have been my lucky day because I, along with six other classmates from Columbia College, was invited to visit the show’s studio in Burbank.   The tour began at 7:30 a.m., which meant my morning really started at 4:30 a.m. ... Read More »

Access at ‘Access Hollywood’

SiLA-JO students on set with Access Hollywood Style Producer Anthony Ramos.

With today’s popular pursuit of higher education and learning different skill sets, sometimes people need to be reminded of the basics. “Listen,” said Kit Hoover, a television personality and host on Access Hollywood. On Monday morning, Hoover told journalism students of Columbia College Chicago’s Semester in L.A. program, she got where she is today by listening and absorbing what experts ... Read More »

‘Access Hollywood Live’ gets a visit from Ian Somerhalder

Photo of Ian Somerhalder courtesy of Facebook

A chilly morning in Los Angeles turned quite warm and welcoming when myself and the six other journalism students from Columbia College Chicago showed up to the bright and glamorous set of “Access Hollywood Live.” No, we were not special guests (I wish!) just there for a tour of the studio and to meet the great wonderful ‘Oz’ behind the curtain. Ian ... Read More »

Behind the scenes at ‘Access Hollywood Live’

"Access Hollywood" set (Jessica Wenck)

As a journalist, there’s nothing better than having an all access pass to the subject you’re doing your story on. And that’s exactly what  happened when our class of seven journalism students was given a behind the scenes tour of the major entertainment news show, “Access Hollywood Live.” Waking up early was an unfortunate sacrifice we aspiring journalists had to ... Read More »