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Access  Granted
Access Hollywood Stage 1A Image: Mitchell Gaddis

Access Granted

On Monday seven gifted Columbia College students received an opportunity of a lifetime when “Access Hollywood Live”  opened its doors and more to the group visiting from Chicago.

As the Journalism students pulled up to the lot at Burbank Studios it felt like  part of  a military base because of the heavy security and gates.It also felt like  a construction site because of the renovations and improvements taking place on the lot at the time.

Anthony Ramos, 11-year television veteran and style producer for the daytime talk show provided an in depth look into the world of television. Ramos greeted students  at the set entrance and proceeded to let them into the greenroom. A location where guests prepare for interviews and sometimes film segments.

As the students enjoyed refreshments the “Access Hollywood Live” crew were taping a segment for the days broadcast. Throughout the  studio there are signs that encourage tweeting while backstage showing the importance of social media for this production.

Ramos led the students to the set which was designed to resemble a loft style  apartment. There is one main stage  followed by several  different rooms,  serving as staging points for different segments of the show.

Hosts use a kitchen like area with appliances for cooking or food related demonstrations.The hot topics or intimate discussions takes place on a couch and coffee table  setting.

Two sets in one Access Hollywood  Live. Image: Mitchell Gaddis

Two sets in one Access Hollywood Live.
Image: Mitchell Gaddis

The set was filled with only the production crew and Columbia students since there is no studio audience. The show has two on air personalities who leads the afternoon broadcast.

Kit Hoover is the female anchor who has been with the show since the 2010 spinoff.The other half of the team is “Access Hollywood” veteran Billy Bush, he’s been with the show since 2004.

The duo has great chemistry together. Ramos made sure students stay out of the cameras line of sight because the hosts actively move from set to set.

Ramos mentioned to students how working on the “Access Hollywood Live” team is more like a family for employees. Ramos mentioned to the college students thats it’s not unusual to see workers from all departments come and support the show by watching the taping.

The team kept busy cutting promos during the commercial break, knocking each of them out in one take. In this clip below see Bush as he films a segment, makes a phone call and walks to another set in less than a minute.

Monday was Bush’s birthday and the entire crew showered him with confetti and a cake in the shape of a cowboy boot.

An interesting fact about Bush is that his uncle is the 41st President of the United States, George H. Bush and his cousin is 43rd President, George W. Bush.

Billy really shines at his job on and off air it would be hard to see him in any type of government role.The team ended the show by singing happy birthday to Bush as more confetti flew around the studio.

Burbank Studios lot 1A  has been home to the “Access Hollywood live” production since 2010.

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