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A trip to Paramount Pictures

"New York City" at Paramount Studios  (Jessica Wenck)

“New York City” at Paramount Studios (Jessica Wenck)

Some people may not know there’s a mini New York right in Hollywood. You can’t quite see it from Melrose Ave., but just beyond a big yellow wall and a black iron gate, is a small facade of buildings made up to be six different neighborhoods in New York City that lives on the 65 acre lot known as Paramount Pictures.

It’s actually a place that’s fairly easy to access thanks to the wonderful tours that the studio allows. Ride along with an expert tour guide all around the lot on a golf cart and you’ll see a world of wonder. You can almost feel the movie magic taking place around you, well not really because there’s no movies being shot there right now. But still keep your eyes open for an A-lister or two because there’s a long list of shows that do shoot there. For instance “Glee” apparently has the most sets of any show that’s taken space up in the lot. You might even catch Lea Michelle riding by on another golf cart like we did.

Other shows currently being shot at Paramount include: “NCIS: LA,” “Rizzoli & Isles,” “American Horror Story,” the new hit “Marry Me,” “Dr. Phil” and much more.

There’s even more Hollywood History to learn about from all the past movies and shows that once called ‘action’ at Paramount. “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” “Frasier,” and movies like “Chinatown” and “Citizen Kane” are just a few classics that once called Paramount home, at least for a few months or so.

If none of those movies or shows tickle your fantasy, maybe the epic “Forrest Gump” will. That classic hit was distributed by Paramount Pictures back in 1994 and if you make a trip to Paramount today, you can sit on the bench from the famous “life is like a box of chocolates” scene.

"Forrest Gump" bench at Paramount Studios (Jessica Wenck)

“Forrest Gump” bench at Paramount Studios (Jessica Wenck)

There’s so much to be seen at Paramount Pictures, and unfortunately you’ll only scratch the surface on the tour because everything else is restricted and not open to the public. The 2009 Sci-Fi thriller “Star Trek” was once known as “Aries” on the studio lot because everything is top secret when shooting a major blockbuster. The latest undercover movie was Christopher Nolan’s much anticipated “Interstellar”, which hits theaters this November.

Honestly, if you’re in the LA area you should make your way down Melrose Ave. and go see the awesome Paramount Pictures. It really is a little world of wonder right here in Hollywood. Don’t forget to rub the iron gates on your way out, it’s supposed to give you a bit of luck on your endeavors to make it big in the entertainment city.

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