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Joan Rivers’ medical examiner results
Photo of Joan Rivers courtesy of Facebook

Joan Rivers’ medical examiner results

Joan Rivers, beloved comedian, mother and fashionista, died on Sept. 4 and now we officially know why.

According to CNN, the medical examiner’s investigation ruled that the cause of death was “anoxic encephalopathy due to hypoxic arrest,” a medical description of brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen.

“The complication in this case was laryngospasm — a spasm of the vocal cords that makes it difficult to breathe, pathologist and surgeon Bill Lloyd told CNN. The situation was compounded when Rivers went into cardiac arrest.”

So in case you missed it, here is the step by step breakdown, from CNN:

Several clinic workers told investigators that the August 28 appointment began with Rivers’ personal throat doctor, Dr. Gwen Korovin, performing a laryngoscopy, which involves using a device to view a patient’s vocal folds, a source close to the investigation told CNN last month.

Korovin then began a second laryngoscopy to again view River’s vocal cords, the source said. It was at that time that her vocal cords began to swell, leading to a cutoff of oxygen to her lungs and ultimately to cardiac arrest, according to the source.

Korovin was authorized only to observe Cohen, who performed the procedure, since she was not certified by Yorkville Endoscopy clinic, as required by New York health law, the source said.

Investigators have found no prior consent form signed by Rivers authorizing a procedure by Korovin, the source said. It was unclear if Rivers had given verbal consent to the biopsy before being sedated.

But Korovin denied “performing an unauthorized procedure” before the comedian suffered cardiac arrest, a source close to the doctor told CNN last month.

Paramedics rushed Rivers from the clinic to New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital a mile away, where she was kept on life support until she died a week later.

  I’ve read tons of conspiracy theories and troll comments where people are saying that the Illuminati was involved, or that she “got what she deserved” because she was pro-Israel and was very vocal about it back in June. Regardless of one’s belief, it does not give anyone the right to kill them in a hospital.  I also read a totally non-related article where a woman was “annoyed” by her patients and allegedly killed over 30 in another country.

Anyways, back to Joan. How does one perform a procedure without consent?  I cannot wait to see this lawsuit unfold.  You know TMZ is all over that and is begging to handout checks to the first person who talks.

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