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A little Q&A with Publicist Brian Bumbery

A little Q&A with Publicist Brian Bumbery

Lorraine Ali and Brian Bumbery at Raleigh Studios (Jessica Wenck)

Lorraine Ali and Brian Bumbery at Raleigh Studios (Jessica Wenck)

When you’re working with bands like Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Band Perry, it’s probably hard to find a spare moment. But founder of the PR agency BB Gun Press, Brian Bumbery, sits down to talk about his experiences representing some of the music business’ top artists and how he works to keep up a clean image for his clients.

What are your main roles as a publicist?

I think the most important part is really when you take an artist and you sit with them and you help them articulate their story and the points they want to get across and then broadcast them out. That’s the most important role I feel like as a publicist.

Who are you representing?

BB Gun Press represents all kinds of music. We have The Band Perry, Metallica, Green Day, Muse…

How often are you seeking out people that you’d like to represent and how often are you being asked to represent someone? 

I don’t usually seek out people because a lot of people have publicists already and because I’ve been in the business for so long—we call it flirting with each other’s clients—I don’t want to do that because ultimately if you start flirting with someone else’s clients, someone’s going to come along and do that to yours. We all have to work closely together and to me that’s just a bad way of doing business.

Have you ever lost your cool over a celebrity?

I wouldn’t say you lose your cool. I’ve met enough of them where you just realize they’re normal people. And a lot of times they’re not at all what you see up on that stage.

Who’s a band you’d love to be a publicist for?

That’s really a hard one. I honestly don’t know. I feel like the ones that the music I grew up listening to, I weirdly got to become the publicist for them.

What kind of mentality do you think that you’ve adapted working in the entertainment industry?

You have to have thick skin. You’re going to get told no a lot more than you’re going to get told yes. And you’ll have days where you have three amazing things happen, call it a day and go home because after that it just all goes down hill.

But you really have to have thick skin. Don’t take it personally. Be honest, honesty is really key. Don’t have a hidden agenda.

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