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Millennial Media Habits
“Catching the Eye of Generation Y" Panel at the Paley Center for Media

Millennial Media Habits

Thursday night’s “Catching the Eye of Generation Y” event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills discussed Millennial media habits.

Some of the media habits examined in the panel discussion, by heads of major content companies, definitely related back to my own.

Senior VP of Client Insights at Nielsen, Dounia Turrill, brought up the fact that viewing behaviors and ideal consumption of TV by Millennials are not going away. They are being watched on “second screens” such as smartphones and tablets. TV is not going away infact TV is expanding the way we all can get our hands on it.

As a Millennial myself I agreed with her point where younger consumers enhance their “entertainment experience” through watching television programs on their “second screens.” I am always on the go, so it is rare that I ever get a chance to sit down and relax while watching TV. I am always connected whether it is with social media or other media aspects with on my phone. It just makes it was for me to multitask.

As our methods of consumption change it is important for companies to keep up and increase their demand to adjust to social platforms. It is the only way their audiences will increase.

“A lot of the growth is in the digital platform and digital video,” Trurrill said.

I couldn’t agree more. I find it easy to get my hands on video content that is digital whether it is actual programing content or Instagram, vine and snapchat. It is popular in demand because it is easily accessible to its audience. It is a way to interact with one another.

According to MTV’s President of Prgramming, Suzanne Daniels, teaming up with Netflix was been what has helped them succeed.

I started to watch shows on Netflix. It has been a platform that has helped me stick around and continue watching seasons of shows on actual TV. One show in particular that I watched on Netflix was the Walking Dead. After bing-watching all three seasons I could’t wait to see the next season on TV. Now the show is on its fifth season and I am still watching it on TV. I think if it wasn’t for Netflix I would not have started watching the show.

“The audience likes to share”said President of ABC Family, Tom Ascheim. I find myself sharing everything I see on media outlets. It is a way to interact but also a way to inform others.

With these content companies sharing and adding content to social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, they have and will continue to get “Generation Y’s” attention. “TV can’t be the only thing we do,” Ascheim added.

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Once Jennifer Hernandez graduates from Columbia College Chicago, her plans are to become a well-respected news or entertainment anchor, reporter or host. In Chicago she has interned for Univision News Station as well as Univision radio.

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