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Red Bull Media House presents, ‘On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter’
Red Carpet Premiere for "On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter"

Red Bull Media House presents, ‘On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter’

The riders and crew of Red Bull Media House’s latest documentary “On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter” have all had lifetimes of hard work and discipline in order to perfect their craft; but rather than being out in the field the night of Oct. 22, they made their mark on the red carpet in Hollywood at the Dolby Theatere for the movie’s premiere.

The energy on the red carpet was infectious from all angles. Some would argue that it was because there was chilled Red Bull at everyone’s fingertips. Others would say it was due to having some of the world’s greatest athletes all in one room.

Olympian Lolo Jones, Travis Pastrana and 15-year-old Tom Schaar, who is the first skateboarder to land a “1080,” were all there for one purpose: to celebrate the film and being sponsored by the same company, Red Bull.

“Red Bull brings a lot of athletes down to these events and I know a lot of the moto guys, so I am stoked to be here,” said professional skier, Daron Rahlves.

The 1971 film “On Any Sunday,” directed by Bruce Brown, followed the lives of the men and women behind motorcycle racing. It found a wide audience through the heartfelt stories and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature.

Now his son, Dana Brown, took things to a whole other level and directed “On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter.” The film focused on how riding has changed since the first documentary and showcased current athletes, including Pastrana, Robbie Maddison and Carlin Dunne.

Dunne explains that before starring in the movie he would just “ride like a goon.”

“Now everyone wants to take my picture and I actually have to do my hair in the morning,” he joked. “Helmet hair has all of a sudden become a problem for me – my life is tough.”

One of the producers of the film, Ben Bryan, grew up riding motorcycles for fun and for sport. But he fell in love with the art of making movies throughout his college career and would go to movies and premieres by himself.

“Now we (he and fellow producer, Nick Schrunk) are teaming up and working with these amazing guys and with these amazing athletes,” Bryan said. “To be able to do this professionally and get paid to go to amazing places and work with really passionate people is like a dream for me.”

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