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The Janoskians turn up the pranks

The Janoskians turn up the pranks



Australian pranksters The Janoskians perform in Riverside and Los Angeles

Before The Janoskians became famous, the comedy group was just a bunch of guys pulling pranks on camera and uploading them to YouTube.

While The Janoskians became an online sensation with homemade viral videos, the group has now entered the music world (think Johnny Knoxville meets One Direction) and will finish a world tour in Southern California this week.

The group’s debut video, “Awkward Train Situations,” launched The Janoskians to success. The comedians go from howling continuously on public transportation to randomly singing and dancing around crowds. After the success of the first video, “Awkward Train Situations” spawned two popular sequels, which have generated more than 9.8 million views.

“I think the reason for that is because at the time we started, there weren’t many young kids doing what we do,” Janoskians member Daniel Sahyounie said in a recent telephone interview. “People weren’t used to that, so I think that’s why they caught on to us.”

The Janoskians, which stands for Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation, originated in Melbourne, Australia. Now based in Los Angeles, the group consists of three brothers and two friends who have known each other for more than 10 years. The entertainers have 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube. As their fan base continued to grow, so has their amusing and disruptive content.

During a tour stop in October 2013, the Beverly Center in Los Angeles had to be evacuated after thousands of fans flooded the mall just to see the entertainers. An appearance in New York’s Times Square in February drew more than 20,000 fans. Not only did the popular comedy group get a huge surprise by the presence of thousands of fans, but it also drew in major record label attention from Republic Records, which signed The Janoskians shortly after.

Aside from the comedic videos on YouTube, the group has created three music videos. The videos “Real Girls Eat Cake,” “That’s What She Said” and “This Freakin Song” have more than 9 million views on the group’s YouTube page.

The members are working with the American entertainment company Lionsgate to film their first movie. The film is based on The Janoskians adjusting to life in Los Angeles and will be loaded with stunts, public pranks and an epic party. In a recent phone interview, two members of the group, Luke Brooks and Sahyounie, said they took the movie offer right away.

But before the comedy-packed film gets a summer release, The Janoskians will finish the “Got Cake Tour,” in which the comedians’ act includes pranks, skits, singing and acting. The group will perform at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium Friday and at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“To be honest, we don’t know what to expect (from a show),” Sahyounie said. “It’s just YouTube brought to life.”

“Expect the unexpected,” Brooks said.



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