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Educational outreach at Grammy Museum
Grammy statue in the middle of the third floor at the Grammy Museum.

Educational outreach at Grammy Museum

Student visitors play with instruments located on the third floor at the Grammy Museum

Student visitors play with instruments located on the third floor at the Grammy Museum

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles isn’t just a place for music fans to see artists’ artifacts, but an educational center with resources made available to students to learn and expand within the music industry.

Through its four floors of exhibit space, many Grammy awards can be found, including the multiple musical instruments and personal items from musicians, singers and songwriters.

Ever since the museum opened its doors in December 2008, students have been able to explore and learn the legacies of all musical genres through its educational programs.

“The Grammy Museum is really an educational institution,” said Kait Stuebner, Director of Education. “It provides an opportunity for [students] to explore their creative process, but also to explore different subjects and different parts of life that are touched by music.”

The Grammy Museum provides workshops, live performances and school tours as well as after school and family programs.  The educational programs give students, who range in age from kindergarten through 12th grade, the ability to learn music hands on. The programs help students who plan to pursue a professional career in the music industry as well as those who wish to continue a post-secondary education.

Jerry Buszek, Grammy Museum Graphic Design Manager, volunteers for the music education program during the summer.

Buszek is a part of the Music Revolution project, a month long program that works with high school students who already know how to play an instrument. They face weekly challenges such as writing a song and recording it in a studio. By the end of the month they have about 30 to 40 songs recorded and written. The program comes to a close by putting on a show where the students perform their songs in front of an audience at the Grammy Museum.

According to Buszek, educational programs provided by the Grammy Museum help “empower youth in reaching full music creativity.”

The Music Revolution project has been available for students for about five years in Los Angeles, giving students the opportunity to travel and perform in Kansas City, Missouri and Tampa Bay, Florida.

Approximately 200 high school and middle school students gather inside the Clive Davis Theater during some of the museums educational programs in the mornings. During this time, students have the chance to ask questions and listen to music producers and artists. Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks has also dropped by to write songs with the students.

“It is nice to know students can get invaluable experience by working and meeting artists at the museum,” Jonathan Rivera, visiting tourist from Nevada, said. “It is a way for [students] to master their craft and meet inspiring people.”

Having artists come to the museum is something that has been very helpful with the education program, according to Stuebner.

Another program the Grammy Museum has been involved with recently is the Mike Curb Mentoring Program, where 25 Los Angeles area students get to work with some of the biggest talents in the music industry. The program provides a lot of group activities at the Grammy Museum and one-on-one instruction time between mentor (artist) and mentee (student).

The Grammy Museum also provides summer sessions, which are week-long sessions that teach high school students about the music industry through workshops with professionals.

“We are building the next generation of concert goers, of musicians, of entertainers,” Stuebner said.  “We want to be a very well-rounded wonderful place for them to come in and learn as well as enjoy.”

For more information on the educational programs at the Grammy Museum, visit www.grammymuseum.org.

Fun FactsThe Grammy is not about sale popularity but rather artistic and technical merits. Here is a look inside the changes the Grammy Award has gone through within its existence.

If you are interested in going to the museum check out some of their present exhibits below. There are always constant exhibit changes happening at the Grammy museum. These items are just a few of the ones you will see when visiting today.

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