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Mineral reunites after two decades, plays Glass House
Mineral has reunited and will perform at The Glass House in Pomona. (Courtesy of Courtney Chavanell Photography)

Mineral reunites after two decades, plays Glass House

When Mineral reunited this year, it was supposed to be simple, the band would play a couple of dates, sign some autographs and go home happy.

That wasn’t the case, and no one knew the resurrection would turn into something more than just another band playing at The Glass House in Pomona, where Mineral’s reunion tour stops on Sunday.

Twenty years ago, the band burst onto the music scene with its groundbreaking debut album, “The Power of Falling,” helpfing define emo as the music landscape was dominated by another early genre called gangster rap.

Chris Simpson, lead vocalist for Mineral, reflected on the early days of the group and what he said was a lifetime ago.

The band formed in 1993 after Simpson moved to Austin, Texas, and started playing with people around town. He had a group with guitarist Scott McCarver before they found another drummer and bassist and formed Mineral.

He developed his talents and decided that a music career, not school, was what he wanted to pursue.

“After high school I started writing my own music, played acoustic guitar in coffee shops and started playing with different people. That’s when I started getting into it,” Simpson said in a recent telephone interview.

Simpson turned his dream into a reality by forming the band that eventually caught the eye of Interscope Records off the success of its first album. At the time it was headed by Jimmy Iovine and Giorgio Saravia as an exclusive hip-hop label.

Interscope in 1994 was known mainly for many gangster rap artists and Death Row Records.

“When Interscope flew us out there we were in a conference room meeting with a bunch of executives and in the next room was Dr. Dre and his crew,” Simpson said. “They were separating from Suge Knight and starting Aftermath. Death Row was actually transitioning into Aftermath records.”

Although Mineral signed to Interscope the band never put out one record under the label and soon disbanded.

Simpson believed that the individual members of the band had their reasons for moving on. His was that he wanted to do other things and believed it would be “cool to go away and come back later.”

“I always knew a reunion would happen and 20 years seemed like a good time to do one.” he said.

He admitted that the first rehearsals with the band were rough musically and playing certain guitar parts were a challenge for him.

Since starting the reunion tour there were initially only a few dates, but then shows began to sell out. More tour dates were added and now the band has booked more than 30 concerts.

Simposon was overwhelmed by the response from fans and talked about what music they can expect on the tour.

“It’s a lot of the material from the old records. Roughly 115 minutes of show, playing more from the second record than the first,” Simpson said. ”It’s a great feeling and so much fun, we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t a crowd interested in it. We never got a chance to experience…. to feel the energy of a sold-out audience until now.”

When: 8 p.m. Sunday
Where: The Glass House, 200 W. Second St., Pomona
Admission: $20
Information: 909-865-3802,theglasshouse.us

This story originally appeared on PE.com on Oct. 24, 2014.

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