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Touring through Hollywood’s past
Semester in LA students learn about the historical past of Hollywood

Touring through Hollywood’s past

I never knew learning and getting the inside scoop of how Hollywood began would feel so good.

From its beginning to where it is now, tour guide Philip Mershon gave a vivid description on how all of Hollywood started. You would think lights and cameras were always popular since day one but that was not always the case.

Mershon said that dancing and theatrical events were not allowed at one point in the city of glitz and glamour. The only place people where able to sing was at church.

Those who created the rules were “The Mother and Father” of Hollywood. Harvey Wilcock and his wife Daeida were simply a married couple from Kansas that moved to Los Angeles and bought a ranch during the late 1880′s. The couple named the ranch Hollywood, not knowing that it would soon become the center of the film industry in the United states in the early 1900′s.

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