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The mystery of Sunset Boulevard
A look out over Los Angeles from Runyon Canyon

The mystery of Sunset Boulevard

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you are new to the City of Angels– what better way to delve right into the city┬áthan to take the Felix in Hollywood tour? The tour’s master mind Philip Mershon will guide you a half mile up and down just a small portion of Los Angeles’ famous Sunset Boulevard.

If you are a movie buff dating back to the era of silent films, you will love the mountain of facts the quirky and passionate Mershon delivers. And if you are not? Well, you will quickly become very fascinated with how what was known as “Figwood” became the very famous land of Hollywood or that the corner of Sunset and Gower became the ground zero for all the motion pictures you have come to love.

You won’t find any homes to the stars along this tour. You will, however, take a breath in the same airspace as the pioneers of film and music once had when the industry in LA evolved literally right beneath your feet. Per Mershon’s wishes, the rest of the mystery along Sunset Boulevard shall remain preserved.

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