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Total access in ‘Access Hollywood Live’
Behind the scenes of Access Hollywood. (Jennifer Hernandez)

Total access in ‘Access Hollywood Live’

Students from Semester in LA obtain entry to Access Hollywood. (Jennifer Hernandez)

Students from Semester in LA obtain entry to Access Hollywood. (Jennifer Hernandez)

It’s not everyday a person gets the chance to go behind-the-scenes of NBC’S “Access Hollywood Live.” Clearly, October 13th must have been my lucky day because I, along with six other classmates from Columbia College, was invited to visit the show’s studio in Burbank.


The tour began at 7:30 a.m., which meant my morning really started at 4:30 a.m. The perk of waking up that early? There was no traffic to make me late that morning.


Once we entered the building, it was nice to be greeted with a smile from the employees inside the spacious studio. Not to mention the complimentary breakfast in their very own green room. We all waited in the green room, where on-air guests are usually kept until it’s their time to go in front of the camera. My classmates and I, along with the show’s guests, were treated to a complimentary breakfast. Inside the greenroom there were pictures on the wall encouraging visitors such as ourselves to tweet and hashtag while being there.


I was ecstatic, and it wasn’t just because of the free coffee and bagels. Why you may ask? Well it is my dream job to one day work in a place just like NBC’s “Access Hollywood.” Seeing Billy and Kit work live really inspired me.


“Access” Style producer and tour guide Anthony Ramos showed us around the building and introduced us to everyone; from make up artists to director, camera men to, stylists, and producers.


Ramos went on to show us the multiple sets they use for the show. Hanging from the ceiling were huge white crystal chandeliers that gave the white room  with its colorful signature details, a very elegant and stylish feel. A big kitchen opened up to a the cozy room with lime green sofas where hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover talked about trending topics with Sheryl Lee Ralph and Jackie Fabulous.


Everyone at the studio was so inviting and willing to talk. They all seemed to genuinely enjoy what they do.


After meeting so many people on the crew and touring the set it was show time. Billy Bush and Kit Hoover,  sat in there seats seconds before the 8 a.m. show kicked off.


They worked magic on stage. Their energy levels and chemistry made it look easy. I was even tempted to grab a chair and continue discussing entertainment topics with them on air. They talked about the latest news with Amanda Bynes and latest celebrities on the radar.  During a break the hosts cut promos, and then went back and forth between sets to shoot the show. They walked back and forth non-stop around the set during the entire show.
Seeing the whole process live meant the world to someone like me who is trying to break into the industry and one day reach to their levels of success.


The positive vibes and energetic flow of the Access Hollywood set made me think of the show as a possible internship opportunity or even a future job.

After the show we all knew it was time to go, but we couldn’t leave without a picture of the lovely Billy and Kit.

After the live shooting of "Access Hollywood Live", students got the opportunity to get a group picture with hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover.

After the live shooting of “Access Hollywood Live”, students got the opportunity to get a group picture with hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover.

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Once Jennifer Hernandez graduates from Columbia College Chicago, her plans are to become a well-respected news or entertainment anchor, reporter or host. In Chicago she has interned for Univision News Station as well as Univision radio.

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